Hospital Room Windows

Are you looking to buy hospital talk through ticket windows? Melaphone is here to help. Our market-leading hospital speak holes are designed with a sterile, controlled environment in mind and they could be just what you need to ensure sterile day-to-day communication in your facility.

All of our hospital communication windows are constructed from a transparent polycarbonate diaphragm, with a wire mesh guard cover to the front. There is no thru air-flow and, as such, they successfully prevent the transmission of germs, contaminants and noxious spray. Yet, users can still benefit from a high degree of vision and can communicate easily with patients inside the room.

Hospital speak holes are very easy to install and, when purchased from us – here at Melaphone – you can rest assured, they have been built to strict ISO standards. If you would like to find out about Melaphones for use in a hospital, or any other industry, please feel free to get in touch. Either call us today on 01359 233191 or send an email to for more information.

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Due to the specific design of the unit, there is no thru-air flow. This means that germs, and other harmful contaminants, cannot pass through the unit.
As well as being safe hygienically, you are also safe from potential assault and burglary due to the sturdy and secure screen between yourself and the other side.
At Melaphone, we look to install one of our units as quickly as possible so you can soon benefit from a Melaphone in your building. They are easy to fit and use, giving you a seamless transition to a Melaphone device.
The Melaphone is very easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to wear and tear and, if a particular part needs to be replaced, we also offer a comprehensive range of spares.


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