Chemist talk-through ticket windows

Looking for high-quality communication windows for your pharmacy? Look no further, as Melaphone are here to help. Our industry-leading chemist speak holes are suitable for use in numerous pharmaceutical environments, including everything from large-scale laboratories to the local chemist – and they could be just what you need to maintain sterility.

All of our chemist communication windows are manufactured to the highest possible standard. Fitted with a polycarbonate guard and stainless steel mesh cover, they offer high impact strength and protection – whilst also allowing staff to communicate easily with colleagues and customers. They are germ proof, they prevent the transmission of all airborne contaminants, and they are just what you need to safeguard both your employees and your pharmaceutical stock.

So why not get in touch today? We currently supply speak holes for pharmacies in two sizes and they can be adapted to meet the needs of you and your industry. Either call us today on 01359 233191 or send an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.

Find FAQs

Due to the specific design of the unit, there is no thru-air flow. This means that germs, and other harmful contaminants, cannot pass through the unit.
The unit is designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information. Thanks to its sensitive diaphragm, speech is clear and there’s no need for a loudspeaker or power supply.
In short, no – the unit is constructed from clear polycarbonate and, as such, vision is not impaired. Even when installed in double glazing, a transparent cylinder is used to maintain visibility.
The Melaphone is very easy to clean and maintain. They are resistant to wear and tear and, if a particular part needs to be replaced, we also offer a comprehensive range of spares.


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